CAL organizes workshops primarily for our members.

CAL offers several art workshops each year. These workshops vary in length and subject matter. The purpose is to inspire and instruct participating artists.

If the workshop is not filled, outside participants are invited.

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Judy Mowrey


Workshop and Demo Schedule


Pat Morgan, Watercolor


After the April business meeting, Pat Morgan will demonstrate her watercolor style  for those interested in signing up for her workshops.

Amy Casteel, Abstracting


After the May business meeting, Amy Casteel will demonstrate abstracting the figure with mixed media for those interested in signing up for her workshops.

Amy Castel




JULY 15, 16, 17

FEES: due July 5
$175 CAL members

Amy Castel Abstracting the Figure 1

We will be esploring painting through abstracting the figure.

This class is for both beginner and advanced students. I will meet you where you are and work with you in esploring painting, drawing and collaging in an expressive, abstract style that is uniquely your own. We will eplore workig with a variety of materials such as paper, acrylic paint, paint markers and washi tape. For this class, students may bring a canvas an/or waterolor paper, collage paper (magazine cut-outs, scrap, wrapping paper, etc). Markers, colored pencils and acrylic paint, Mod Podge and washi tape will be provided.



Judy Mowery, workshop chair


Amy Casteel

Amy will be doing a demo at the May 20 meeting.

If color is the language of art, then Hendersonville artist Amy Casteel is one of its fluent speakers. In a large body of acrylics-based works, Casteel’s brilliant palettes engage the viewer in an ongoing dialogue about the many shades of human emotion.

Amy describes herself as a “figurative expressionist,” taking the human figure merely as a starting point for the journey into abstraction. The figure is most often a woman’s face, and sometimes her hands, amid a swirl of riotous color and bits of collaged paper.